Mini Adventures

No.3It takes us 40 minutes just to get to the Denver Botanic Gardens but the drive was pretty. I really like the Denver neighborhoods with large, aged trees lining the streets. Plus Luca got his morning nap in while going there, and the girls got a nap while coming back. It’s too bad such nice places are far off for us because one visit is not enough to cover and explore the whole grounds. They are so pretty and there is so much to see! If we were closer I’m pretty sure we’d have memberships to places like this garden and the science and nature museum.

By the time we came, had a bit to eat and went out to walk, the sun was already too strong! (always and issue with us) and so girls kept going to the shady areas and sitting on benches having some raisins and nuts. It was a short visit because Bella was already too tired and the girls worn from the sun, so we will have to come again, perhaps with Peter and explore some more.