It has been a little over a year since I have posted anything. Have I forgotten about my beloved little blog over here? No. Not at all. In fact, I have suppressed every inclination, every desire to post, and even every time I’ve felt compelled to, I did not.


Late August, we took all the junk, storage, piles, tv, and computers out of our office/storage/tv room/guest bedroom (you wonder what else could it be??) and made it into a ‘classroom’ for homeschooling. ¬†Upon hearing the word classroom, or schoolroom, you might think, you don’t need a ‘classroom’ to homeschool. And that is exactly why I’m writing about it. My thoughts exactly. Nobody technically needs a classroom to homeschool, nor do I. The last two years, I didn’t have this room set up this way. So when I say schoolroom, it is not to say, I want my homeschool to look like school. The traditional school you think of. Nor is it the place where all learning happens. Definitely not my beliefs!

But I certainly love having this space. I like that I can have an organized place for all things school, where “all things school” live. It’s a good feeling to have a workspace where we enter and forget what’s out there in the rest of the house that can distract. (mostly me of course, like the sink of dishes if not loaded, or the toys scattered…you get the gist of it.) Or the fact that we can leave all our projects, like that really serious coloring session, right on the table to come back to when we need to. It’s a place I can change around, because that’s what I do. It’s a place of invitation, a place to set up something fun and exciting. A place to make cozy and have a good time learning. (No, it’s not always perfect because three kids, and interruptions sometimes, and multitasking, and …)

But really, where is our classroom? Sometimes in the car on our drives, sometimes on the couch, sometimes in a bedroom surrounded by books, sometimes at the kitchen counter or the dining table. It is when we play, when we explore, when we go on trips, when we grocery shop. When we go outside. When we look out the window. When we have conversations. When we read. Why? Because learning is a way of life for us (or me suppose.) It is our lifestyle. Learning was never something I thought of as, “you have turned this specific age, it is time to start learning.” I’m a believer in lifelong learning. Because I myself, am still learning. So to me it’s home educating by nature and learning as a way of life.

I’ll keep this short. The kids are drawn into this room, what I call our ‘schoolroom’ and they still call ‘the office’, and come in to use piles of dollar store notebook pages and draw and ‘make cards’ and color, and “do school” all on their own.

“I want to do school.”

I’ll be posting once in awhile about homeschooling, as a way to document and journal our own journey. More of this room. More of what we use or what I like, and thoughts on it in general. It’s like winter outside but still fall in our home.¬†Cheerio!