Have you ever bought something for your little one only to read it and be convicted yourself?! I have! Just last week I got a little bible activity book and sat down to look through and read to the girls only to realize, this is what I need to be working on myself. Humbling for sure.

If I think about it, so many times I’ve been encouraged through the things I’ve been reading to the girls, or listening along with what they listen to in their music. It’s nice that it doesn’t matter to what level it’s directed at, it can work in the hearts of young and old all the same.

A good verse from one of their ‘JT and the Halo express’ cds: 1 Samuel 16:7 “…For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” So encouraging!!

Seemed so fitting for the time when it was playing!

Luca is nine months old today and oh what a cutie he is! He’s been clapping away with his little hands. “Хлоп хлоп,” (clap clap) and he claps on my palm. Drumming on the table or his high chair, moving so fast with his hands and legs. He loves to eat, and loves his water sippy cup.

We all sit down to eat and he looks at Bella, then Jemma, and us and gets so upset because he’s not eating anything. So we take him and he keeps trying to reach our plates until I make something real quick just for him.

The best is still when we cuddle or laugh because there is nothing better than a baby laughing! He puts his head on my shoulder or pushes his cheek right into mine, or grabs my face and gives me a kiss. It was the sweetest when the day after my birthday, it was still dark in our hotel room in Breckinridge, and I propped Luca up to sit next to me after he awoke, while I just lay there sleepily and he leaned over, took my head and gave me three baby kisses! What a little gift for mama!

He loves music and starts to bop up and down when something is turned on. Everything has to go through taste test but he’s learned when I say “no no kaka,” and gives me a smile hesitating or stopping only to then go ahead and still stuff something into his mouth.

Bella has nicknamed him “toesies.” “My baby,” she says. And both girls smother him with love.

I realized I have not accomplished anything in my goals list for even the start of this month! It’s ok though because I’m not in a mindset where I have to wait for a certain date to retry- I can always start now.

Random likes:

Jemma’s favorite is Brussel sprouts, while Bella loves beets and both eat sauerkraut. “More kapusta, it’s my favorite,” Bella said last time!

We’ve been loving the Burn the Ships album- the girls sing along and Amen is the favorite! It came out August 24 and was on repeat the whole of next day over here! Of course the girls are still singing Christmas songs ’cause that’s an all year round kind of thing…

I hear Bella singing.. “ho ho the mistletoe…” as they’re taking a bath tonight .

And my favorite- a good laugh. One that makes me giggle is the test if my husband can catch me if I get the urge to leap into his arms. He still can;) But I laugh and joke about throwing out my back “’cause I’m getting too old!” 😉

Anyway, always the best- a good laugh.