Just A Day

Day Twenty Two 

Yesterday was a day of my sorts. Grey, overcast, raining from the night before, with thunder and lightning. The cold could be felt through my leggings and the sun was hidden out of sight. No squinting, no glare, no burning feeling… And today is that kind of morning. Fitting to my soul. The trees are finally colored throughout the area, making for a true fall feeling. 
We settled on a name for our child after finding out the gender, and on Monday, were both in agreement that it is what it should be.  The same day we also decided on the church we would give a try. It is interesting that both of us on our own had come to that conclusion the same day and then upon sharing, found out we were in agreement!

Jemma’s in bed so the rest of the evening is for us. I like how I can just put her to bed awake, and she will go to sleep on her own. The whole moving thing and apartment has put us back on a few things but it’s looking like with Jemma it shouldn’t be a problem. She’s such a “big” girl for her 21 months of age!