Tomorrow is World Book Day, so I decided to post a little about books and reading in our home. 

There is something amazing about having a library at your disposal. So we intend on having one in our home too. We have an assortment of books for our girls; books my parents brought from their basement, numerous books that have been gifted by people, and books we’ve purchased from a variety of places. Ranging from the dollar store, second hand stores, from Costco, and Amazon. Book souvenirs from places Jemma visited like the Boston museum of art, from Montreal, California, New York, and other places. 

We go through all of them! And they sometimes sit going through books just looking at the pictures. Jemma pretends to read from memory. The other night I heard her reading her bible with such passion (retelling the story of how Jesus died) and my heart could have exploded! 

Some of my favorites that we read are the BabyLit series. I personally adore them. I started getting one at a time when we were still in Renton and had a little university bookstore super close with discounted books. 

Bella has favorites! And the way she’s been pointing with her thumb or index finger is super cute. With her there are some books I read over and over!
These above are our newest spring books we read, to add to the basket of a variety of spring books we already have. 

Three of the above were gifts.

We have an assortment of Russian books as well although in a much smaller choice. Some that are all the way from Russia, some parents gave, and I’ve started ordering Russian books more just so that we can keep up and practice it more. 
My favorite book that we currently read is, You Are Special by Max Lucado. It makes me think we adults could read more children’s books. This little series above started when we went to the Boston museum of arts. (I like to have books for them for all scopes of life and wide range in type, thus this cute little art series.)

Jemma absolutely loves receiving the monthly magazine my mom subscribed her to.

Bella sits at a basket of the baby versions we have from earlier days and looks for the pages with actual baby photos, in each one. 

And this is my favorite bible for kids! Every story points to Jesus. And to this day, I still tear up. We’ve been reading it to Jemma since she was wrapped up in swaddles. 

We also have more of the author’s books because we think they are great. 

And there is nothing like a library visit. From the first time we went to the old, historical building in Seattle, to the spacious one we have five minutes from us here, it doesn’t get old because books, books, and more book! 

I could write quite a bit more about how I go about purchasing books, which ones, and why, but it’ll get too long I fear. And I’m sure this isn’t the last about books, you’ll read from me…