I’m slowly building her “kitchen” and so here she washed and ate her berries from her own mini collander.
May 14 we drove down to Colorado Springs and hiked at the Garden of the Gods.

When we pulled up to where we could see the red rocks, Jemma said, “pink!” It’s so fun to see things from her point of view!

Yes, there is a piano;) I suppose this is us as a rabbit family. “Knock knock, who’s there?”
Eating gelato in Boulder Colorado at Fior di Latte.
I was giving her a lick and she went for the waffle! took me a second to realize what she was doing!
“Cow on the moon.” by my little artist.

You know if they say to expect a windstorm, you expect a windstorm and the wind howling outside isn’t too scary. But if they say, tornado warnings and hail up to the size of a tennis ball, well then the wind outside is not just a windstorm. All of a sudden that same wind is nerve wrecking. Like, will I have to go run to the basement? But, as people say, it really never gets that bad;) I hope. The sky has not turned green.