Day Seventeen.

Just a bit earlier I read a short story I’ve read before a few years back. For some reason it came to mind and I had texted my mom asking who had written it. Later she sent me a link with the story in its entirety. It’s a Russian story written by Tolstoy and if you happen to know Russian, or happen to still be able to read in Russian, and are interested, you can read it here. It is about a fallen angel who is punished by God and has to earn his way back. He is taken in by a cobbler and in the years he is on earth, learns what humans live by.  I think I remembered it because I was thinking of winter, and this story starts out on a cold winter day. It just has a wintry feel to it.

Anyway, it felt good to read in Russian, which I don’t do enough. I find that if I watch a Russian movie, or read in Russian, I start to remember more and it is easier to speak in Russian. Of course, these days, sometimes, I can’t remember English words, let alone Russian. And as much as I speak mostly Russian with Jemma, there are animals or other words in general, I would never even know how to say unless I look them up to tell her. I’ve actually learned what a badger, and raccoon , among others, are in Russian. I would have never even thought to look those up if it wasn’t for Jemma. But because I don’t always look up the words I don’t know, she get’s the ‘half and half’ language from me which isn’t helpful if you want to really stick to one. The good thing is she understands both fully, and does repeat more and more each day. She chooses to repeat the English ones more, but it’s ok. I can’t blame her, when almost all her books I read to her are in English. We just need to get more Russian little books.

Books, books, books!