A modified (that means significantly shortened and abbreviated;)) note from my cell phone notes.

Things I’m convinced of:

1. God’s impeccable timing! And I mean impeccable!

2. He is working on things way before we get to a place in our life when we realize we need something.

3. That what happens to us is not solely about us – He uses one situation to work on many things or people at once. It’s not just about me.

4. He answers prayers – back to impeccable timing. Sometimes right away, sometimes later.

Obviously these four thoughts could be expanded and personal examples given as to why but I don’t actually have the time to write it out. Maybe I should come back some day to revise this post?

But for now, it’s off to dreamland. I’m looking forward to making my coffee in the morning. It doesn’t get old- every time the crema forms as I make my latte or americano for the morning, I just can’t help think how beautiful it is. Just a homemade cup of coffee.

Happy dreaming.