Scented Candles

Day Twenty Seven.

Last evening after Jemma went to bed, the chicken in the oven was so overwhelming, that I closed the door to our bedroom, opened up the window for the cold, fresh air, and kept my new fragrance candle on, next to me. Balsam and Spice. A few days ago, I smelled the Thyme Frasier Fir candle at Tagawa Garden Center, but didn’t purchase it thinking I’d wait until we moved into our home. But when in Target, I saw a little collection which included the candle I now have, and I did get it. It’s manufactured by Illume but made for Target! The fragrance is so intoxicating. I breathe it in, but can’t get enough of it! And it’s not overly powerful, nor bothersome like some cheap scented fragrances can be…

Mint tea, candle burning, and a movie with my darling. We watched an older movie called, Ghost Writer. The ending just makes you upset, but the kind of ending that it is, is what makes the movie so good!

I’m already in winter mode. Cozy socks. Slippers. (I’ll be getting these knit ones pictured below from Urban Outfitters. With hard wood floors, you can’t have too many socks and slippers.) And snowy mountains calling for us to visit!

This morning I fill the apartment with the candle fragrance as I have coffee, and Jemma and I take on the morning. For me it means lots of laundry folding.

The image above is from Polyvore where I created the collage. I’m not much of a user, just like I’m not much of a blogger or an Instagrammer. You have to comment on people’s social media, like, read, be consistent…and I don’t put that into it…but it’s fun and has some good uses to it. Jemma is taking a nap, and when she does, I take my time off;) Today, I was on hold for about half an hour for a missing part from our kitchen, so this was a perfect little distraction.