What I Am Thankful and Grateful For

This morning started out with Jemma helping daddy make French toast using panettone bread. With music filling the house and icy rain falling outside, we had breakfast together before starting to unpack and clean some more. The thing is, we didn’t get a chance to clean out the house as we would have liked before getting our delivery from storage, due to work being done right up to our move-in date!  Just yesterday I finished unpacking the kitchen items, one by one, and oh my, if we ever move again, there will be a lot more donating! 

The icy rain turned into snowfall which couldn’t be better for a Thanksgiving day. Snowflake watching through the windows as we clean up, prep, and cook, is just what we need on a festive day.

 Just a couple days ago, Peter prepped the turkey, and the herbs and lemon he used smelled like Christmas. We had a very simple meal but a filling one. Peter made the turkey, and I tried making mashed potatoes in a different way. I saw herb infused potatoes on Bon Appetit and decided that’s exactly what I want to try. I used thyme, rosemary,  and bay leaves and after mashing, sprinkled a little freshly ground nutmeg on top of more butter! And with just a salad made of greens, cucumber, cherry tomatoes topped with cranberries and toasted walnuts, it was a meal of just three dishes. No other sides or sauces. 


These two! Oh how I love them!

So here is a list of some things I am Thankful and grateful for. I decided to make it short instead of all the little things I could write and write about…

  • For our God, our Lord, who doesn’t forget us. Doesn’t forget his people. 

We might get wound up in our own little lives and be self consumed. We may forget others around us and not pay attention. We may be distracted and focused on what’s going on just in front of us… but God doesn’t forget. And if he is working with one, he’s also working with another at the same time, with just the same amount of love and attention. 

  • For Peter, my love.

For how much work and effort and care he put into selling our previous house, to how much time and work he is putting into our new house and yet still taking time for Jemma and still getting up for her if she needs (which sometimes it was only him and nothing else will do!)  For how he handles things and people. For all his knowledge and his ideas. For his kindness and patience. For how he loves us. That he likes to make things, like turkey;) That he’s a man of all trades – and is willing to learn if doesn’t know something. That he researches… I could go on but I think that will have to be a different post just about Peter! I am thankful for him in so many ways and the fact that he is my friend and my confidante.  Because of him I don’t miss or lack in other…

  • For my sweet little daughter Jemma.

Watching life through her eyes is an adventure and a pleasure. She is the most joyful and happiest child. Her sensitive and compassionate little heart, yet playful and a bit mischievous character are such a gift to us! Listening to her, watching  her, taking care of her are all part of the gift she is to us. She makes parenting a breeze. How she understands and listens. How she cares. How she loves! 

  • For the blessing of our second child.

That we got pregnant as we wished. That the pregnancy has been so much easier. For a sibling Jemma is so ready for and already loving with hugs and kisses. 

  • For all the comforts.
  • For all the blessings with the move and new house.

For shallow things like: having the ability to “fix up” out house to our liking. And all that comes with it, unwritten…
Sometimes (more as of recently) we find things to complain about or be frustrated with ( like grouchy people who have nothing else to do but smile as their job description) yet the fact that we can complain about any of it says so much of what we have that others don’t! And no matter what complaint or thought comes, there’s always the second bigger thought- ‘it would be worse and more of a complaint  if you didn’t even have this!’ 

  • For peace in our little lives. 

So much happens everywhere around the world to so many different people, but God has protected us and we are safe and sound!

  • For people who treat their  jobs and careers as a craft.

They make a difference! We impact so many people without knowing, and how we do our job, whatever it may be, has an affect!!!
I will stop there because honestly, take any one person, and if asked, they could give multiple and lengthy lists of blessings and things they are thankful for, and I am no different! I have so much more on my heart at all times, that I am reminded of daily, as to how blessed I am. 

Thank you to my God, to Jesus my Savior for everything, always…and as Jemma said, for  “toys, komnaty (room, her room), house…dyadi…(uncles and aunts and all)” She knows who we thank and for what;)
It’s still snowing. Which I like because that means we can dress Jemma up and take her sledding! ( After we cleanup and hand in our apartment keys tomorrow;))

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving, weather big or small!