My Least Favorite Day In October. 

Day Thirty One.

How appropriate, I’m now thirty one. I don’t think it though. In fact it’s strange to think it because I don’t feel it. Like my age is not a good representation of how I feel. But that’s beside the point. The point is, today is my least favorite day, but only by the calendar. Not because of what I do, or how the day is spent. Only because it’s the least prettiest day;)

(side note: if you don’t know me personally, and can’t “hear” my voice or see my face, you might misread and misunderstand. So don’t take it too seriously;) There is another side about Halloween I could talk about, a bit of a serious aspect with a Christian standpoint but I’m sure I don’t need to say everything I think and explain myself to that extent.)
When it comes to Halloween, I will go with my daughter’s opinion. And yes, she does have one. 

“Kaka.” If translated literally, it means poop. 

So there you have it. 
When Jemma would see a witch outside a store, or a skull or something else very nasty and ugly and not worth looking at for her small little being, she would put up her hands to her face and hide and turn, looking for protection from me. Her face would twist and the look would say it all.  So we said don’t look at it. You could explain to a child it’s a “decoration” (but not in my books) and that it is fake, fictional, etc… But it is even easier to say, don’t look. Why look at something that makes you cringe?

For instance, why would I want to look at a hanging spider that looks like the size of one that could swallow me whole?! I don’t want to even pass next to it, knowing it is fake and just a Halloween decoration! I have enough dislike for spiders as is! Even if they are God’s creation. 

Here’s the thing. October is beautiful. It is our anniversary month. It is a month where nature puts on a spectacular show of color. And then Halloween comes along and makes it not so beautiful. It’s just not beautiful. Just from an esthetic point of view. My own personal view. 

Apart from that. I had a lovely day with my family.