To A World of Magic

Happy New Year’s Eve and wishing you a very Happy New Year!We put our sweet little ones to bed and started celebrating the end of this year and the beginning of 2017… Today, Jemma had said, “it’s fun to eat dessert.” And I couldn’t say it better! Although for me, without a doubt, if it’s a celebration, cheese is to be included -and so it was. My family. My home. It’s a place of rest, a haven, a place of magic… where ever I go, I step on magical flowers that spring up after I pass unknowingly over them…the ones Jemma watered while dancing just moments before…I walk through a stage full of beautiful dancers, I teach a ballet class, and sometimes I turn into a doctor or nurse… whatever role I play- it’s a fantastic one. And so I wish that your world may too be a colorful and magical one. You might not clearly see what’s around you  or under your step, but it’s there.

À part of my heart celebrates- is full of joy and gratitude to the One who gives. Another part of my heart cries, is saddened for the ones who are in pain, hurt, struggle… it’s hard to just laugh without a thought to what else is out there. But the solace and comfort I have is that our God is a good God and he has all in His hands… and what brings tears to many will someday be no more!