It’s June! Which means (hopefully) a month of celebration and adventure! It’s this man’s birthday month, it’s Father’s Day month, and it’s our trip month!My best friend. Does anyone know what a true best friend is? Like really truly? This is him. My one and only confidant. <— That word there is not just any word. That there is like the ultimate for being considered a true friend in my books! The one I keep absolutely no secrets from. The one who knows my heart as best a human can. My husband. He’ll send me texts about a podcast he heard, a sermon, or a passage from a book he’s reading… and tells me I think you’d appreciate this. And he’s usually correct. He knows what I stand for, what I believe in, what would resonate with me! It makes me happy knowing he knows me. I’m so relieved that we can go on our trip. I tell my husband, “Would be nice to just stay there and never come back…” But oh real life. In a time where people need to get a slap in their face to get out of their delusion, before they completely destroy everything around them, in a time where people have gone mad, in a time when there’s so much hurt already… It’s nice to celebrate, to do things like “normal” (I know, no one likes the word “normal” anymore!) and to just live. Live a life.