You know you’re tired when you see a green light and have to ask yourself, is that stop or go? 

Today, it’s not the body that’s tired, in fact it feels like I need to go work or something, clean the whole house maybe. (Those supplements actually work;))

I’m amazed at the complexity of our brains. I am the least to know all that goes on scientifically and am sure I’d be even more astounded if I did know more, but with little as I do know, I am amazed. 

To be sitting in a room of people, to say a word and recount something someone did, without detail at all, and in that moment be present with the room of people yet be as if I’m right back there in that memory, feeling the emotions of the person who’s emotions I’m seeing! As if I’m seeing what I’m recounting right there and then. It’s incredible! 

I was reminded of a face full of emotions I couldn’t explain if I tried. It’s all in just one flash, yet so much. But the overpowering emotion I’d say I saw would have been, a mental preparation of some sort, and care…the kind of preparation where you have to do something and you just can’t tackle right off without a pause or a thought. 

It makes me want to ask. What did you feel at that moment? What was going in in your mind? But that question is bland. And the answer can’t possibly be expressed. Especially since it’s been so long… 

I might just ask.