A New Year, A New Decade

for the new year:

a new bullet journal. I looked over the highlights from my last one and honestly, I’m shocked at all that happened that I had already forgotten. all within the last year. last January feels like years ago! it was good to look back at and to be reminded of the little things.

started a chronological bible plan. one that includes a new testament reading and a psalm reading for the day as well, which I like.  my homeschool planner had a plan for reading and has lots of verses and encouragements but I decided I’d rather try this new one.

added some homeschool podcasts to listen to. it’s almost like finding “mentors” in different aspects of life for encouragement, reminders, and inspirations.

microwave. we are starting this brand new decade with a microwave. yes, some would say, “what? You’re regressing!” Others would approve. I can still see the stack of research about the harms of a microwave, the Chiropractor I worked for left on the counter in the office… but as much as I like traditional stove top cooking and heating and all (like stovetop popcorn made in coconut oil with sea salt for instance) it’s just very practical for us to get a microwave right now. Two minutes ding ding ding.

some aspirations for the new year:

 take more photos with me in them. Of myself.  me with the kids. me with my husband. in fact I need to hire a photographer for a family shoot. the tripod isn’t creative enough;)

get my hair done by a professional who’s not me. haha. yeah. I want to sit in a chair and be a client. for a few various reasons. to do so is a challenge not because of time but because I’m a hairdresser. you know, you don’t want to direct the stylist but you also don’t want to sit and have them put bleach on previously bleached hair! not going to go into it- a hairdresser might understand what i’m talking about. (there’s like a ton on this topic in my head! nobody needs to hear.)

(You might ask, “what about all that being more Godly, the spiritual, the…?” Well, all that- I wrote some and deleted and left the ‘shallow’ for the post.)

I appreciate and value: genuine, authentic …not playing a role. We can not pretend to care, to be interested. We can only be or we are just playing roles.

It’s different. We celebrated the holidays and I wasn’t pregnant soon to have a baby, and I wasn’t waiting to become pregnant. And now, my youngest is weaned and I’m not nursing. A different feel altogether. It feels like forever since I’ve not been in that “mode.” And it feels good.  

Last night I slept all through the night. That hasn’t happened in who knows how long! Sleep is such a blessing. Honestly, sometimes I jump (yes I literally jump- don’t think I’m too old for that) into bed and tell Peter, “I LOVE sleep! I get to sleep!”

So hopefully , a little more sleep this year for all, not just me, in this house.

I would love to say we started this new year with a pet but during the summer we talked about it and settled on a fish to start with as a Christmas gift to the kids and then decided we seriously still have our hands full. Yup. Even the fish is too much. Maybe next year. For the kids;)

The word for the year- relationship.

First off, my relationship with God. A long time ago I heard something that had made a huge impact on me and I never forgot. About coming to heaven and knowing Jesus. Knowing who he is. I want to know him more and more. I want to know who he is when I see him face to face.

I get tired of surface conversations, or same conversations in general. How many times have I spoken the same exact words every time I meet a new person…and when you move you meet new people and you start from scratch so it’s always the same exact thing… sometimes (many times actually) we let others direct the conversation. Sometimes we just have to (and it’s work). Sometimes I just fill in the “silence” with gobbledegook. Why do I feel like I have to fill in the silence? I honestly have no fear standing like a pillar and being quiet. (Weird? Nah!) But… people don’t like human silent pillars- they’re uncomfortable. (A word on gobbledygook. I had posted something about using this word and then in one of the later Johnny English movies, the main character used that exact word! I was thrilled!)

So here’s to a new year of changing topics and not talking about where I came from for instance. Sometimes I write about stuff I don’t actually want to have conversations about- it’s that kind of thing.

This is not an intellectual (and definitely not a serious) post of any sort. Started on laptop one day, finished on the phone another day. Not going to edit all the capitalizations and all.