Sleep Well My Child


How quickly we go back to routines. Back to normal feedings in a designated spot, back to bedtime routines, back to reading books…

We came home from Spokane and Jemma went to look at her things. When she saw her ляля (doll), oh how she exclaimed! She had missed her so much and when she got to hold her, she held her tight as if it was her own daughter! 

It’s been a busy but pleasant weekend. And now, it’s a few days of cleaning up and getting ready for our next adventure. They seemed to all fall within a few weeks of each other. 

I look forward to these upcoming few weeks! Using mostly an actual camera instead of my phone to take photographs, and just taking it all in as it comes. 

There’s a lot to be said about the last few weeks and I will come back to it, most likely in a backward manner. 

But for now,                              

cheerio and goodnight.