Sunflower Spectacular 

September 2, 2016

We went searching for this place over a month ago but couldn’t find it based on what location “people” had pinpointed in blogs and coordinates they would give. What does, “behind the airport,” mean? I understand, as a photographer had written, that they don’t like to broadcast locations so that it doesn’t become over run by spectators on someone’s private property. Well, a photographer instagrammer I follow from Colorado, commented the actual roads of the location, and so we were able to finally locate those “dirt roads!” 

And what a joy it is to see the never ending field of these gigantic beauties! It’s like the tulip fields that are popular in Washington but oh so much different! This one above is way bigger than my head! We were limited to how much we could do and what we could take for a few factors. It was still way to early and super bright. The only time Jemma smiled or laughed was when she ran away. (Side note: we don’t ever take an eye off a child because two steps and she’s lost in these humongous fields. You’ll see  below, how small Jemma is in comparison.) Otherwise, it was cranky toddler the whole time. So we didn’t venture far into, or take time to ‘compose’ 😉Peekaboo where are you, and she gives a little smile…

Now that we know where this is, we can come back for more… 

Btw, these lookalikes grow in the sides of the roads here like weeds, and apparently in our backyard too!