Looking Forward To Christmas 


The photo above was this past Saturday when Jemma got her first sled ride. We didn’t have to go far- just a few minutes drive and we had the whole park almost to ourselves. The scenery was beautiful with fog sitting low on the reservoir and a very romantic row boat with some fishermen slowly drifting off the shore…
It’s the first of December which means so many things! The fact that this year is almost finished! It’s hard to believe. That we get to celebrate the birth of Jesus in just a few short days! (Days fly by around here.)  That it will be officially winter soon. Aaaaaand, that we get to have a party for His birthday!!! Which means baking and decorating, celebrating!

Here’s how I think of it. When it comes to birthdays I start thinking about them early. I think of ideas, of menus, of themes or decorations. If it’s for Peter or Jemma, I think of gift ideas. Before we ever moved, I already knew what Jemma’s birthday theme would be and what we would do if able… And that was months ago. Her birthday is next month! 

So what I’m saying is, why wouldn’t I start thinking about Jesus’ birthday early? 😉 Meaning, I start thinking about Christmas way early… And I thought about how we throw parties for all sorts of celebrations- for graduations, births, achievements. We do all sorts of showers and people make an excuse to make a “holiday” for all sorts of reasons. So if we like to make it special for any one human, why wouldn’t we want to make it special for the most important One of all? Are we more important? Is any one of our children or loved ones more important? If we were given the task to throw the party of all parties for a king, wouldn’t we go all out?! We’d have the best feast prepared, and the most ornate of decorations. 

Well, on Christmas, we are celebrating the birth of the King of all Kings!! 


These were fascinating to see Monday morning! I have no idea which animal left them.  

  And this is how it’s done in our house! Pigs in diapers getting rides!

Here are a few things I am looking forward to! (They’re not necessary to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, but they are ways to mark and make it exciting, festive, and ways to remember and enjoy…) we teach and tell Jemma about what Christmas is. And even though she knows HoHo from pictures and songs, asks for “jingle” and says, “chemise” for Christmas when she sees lights and ornaments etc, she also knows Jesus baby and asks for music with kids singing about Jesus! 

  • Peter and I will wrap the rest of the books- one for each day until Christmas, for Jemma to pick one a day and read together. Some are about winter and snow, some are Christian themed, and some just Christmas tales and stories. 

I will share a list on all of them and talk about some of the special ones we have! 


  • A mini tree for Jemma

These little wooden ornaments are what I call, little hand touchables and specifically for Jemma’s tree! Last year we had a mini tree just for her and it was so fun to see her take her paper doves and wooden toys off and on!  This year she’ll have a few more to really decorate with! 

  • Going out to cut our family tree.

The only reason we still don’t have a tree is because we are still unpacking boxes. 

  • Photos! 

Last year was so fun and now that Jemma is older it is only much more fun! And the fact that we live in a snowy area! 

  • Baking with Jemma. 

Gingerbread men! Cinnamon ornaments for the tree. Cutting out shapes with cookie cutters! She even knows that the kitchen aid is for “cookies.”

  • Getting to watch Jemma open her presents! 

She unwrapped one book today and there’s no doubt she knows how to unwrap. Her excitement,  joy, and sound affects make it worthwhile! “Oooh, wow, tada!” “Yay!” 

  • Opening presents together on Christmas morning!

We have had a tendency to, uhm, cheat and open our gifts for each other a little bit early. This year, no way!  

I know we are blessed to do gifts and presents! And I’m not talking about us compared to others here in America. Even though there are plenty of families who can’t even in America. But even if a family can’t do presents or lavish things for Christmas specifically, the fact that even those (most) families do have a roof, and food, and all in all are way more “gifted” than some in this world. And while we can, we appreciate that we can and do so because as much as we are very affectionate physically and verbally, we are also givers. We like to gift. 
Everything is a little more fun with a toddler around. And even though I already love this season and the holidays, sharing it and viewing it through a child’s eyes makes it more exciting as well as more forgiving;) I mean two trees? Really?