September Flew By


And just like that, another favorite month has passed. September turned out to be quite busy.

For Labor Day, we went on a little drive to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. We ended up taking Old Fall River Road which again like last year, for me, was uhm, not the most of peaceful relaxing kind of roads to take. I just do not like being in our van on any sort of cliff.

Then the highlight of September, was going to Breckinridge for a few days and turning another year older out there in the mountains! We’ve been going for fall colors every year and this year it was nice that my birthday happened to coincide with our yearly trip out to the mountains.

All in all, these little trips, turning another year older, having family visit, having kids go through being sick and Luca having it the hardest, having a little minor leg surgery/procedure, as well as all the normal things of life have made September quite eventful. And when it’s busy (or busier than normal), it feels like life just goes much faster! Time flies!

So here is a snippet of September in snapshots. Might have been early to start with the Pumpkin, but I just love the buttermilk pumpkin spice waffles I make- perfect to start the month off with the smells of fall. At the end of August I cut my hair off and then had to have it shorter so redid it in a few days to a shorter cut. When you own a feather razor, anything is possible;) The photo below is from October last year when we went to Spokane so as you can imagine, even after cutting off a few inches at a time throughout the year, it was still pretty long.

The many faces of hair on just one person. Blow dried smooth, flat ironed straight or into a wave, diffused, air dried, wavy, curly…just to begin. I cut my hair to wear it in its most natural state, for ease and comfort. (For me that is either to air dry or diffuse to encourage curl and then brush out the curl.) And into one of my favorite looks. A heavy, full, natural bob! (That means absolutely minimal texturizing  and hardly any visible layering whatsoever.) Yay for frenchy, classic, & chic! Currently, I like to let it air dry and put a bend in some pieces with a flat iron, and spray some dry wax into it for a slightly more pieced out feel. (I even smoothed it out with a blowdryer to see just how even I was able to cut it and was happy to leave it just so.)

This above is from when we were on the Old River Fall Road, later where I was “brave” enough to take a photo. Anybody else might think I’m silly and there’s nothing to this road. I just can’t help it. Lake Estes

This was Jemma’s highlight of the day, considering she woke up complaining of being sick and was pretty quiet and not herself at all the whole day. Nothing like a good rock plop in the water!

The obligatory car “selfie” people dislike so much. I like them for myself -to mark the start of our little trip with my sweetheart. Kenosha Pass. It was so pretty here. I love the leaves falling and swirling in the breeze. There is something so neat about a path in the mountains with golden leaves falling all around. Luca was enchanted watching the leaves in the sunlight, falling all around him. Boreas Pass Road. Lake Dillon

This is a picture of a child who wants to read them ALL!How is she so big already! Such a little one still but reading, writing her own sentences asking to spell things out for her, playing twinkle twinkle on the piano…and dancing away! I’m just so happy for her! By the way, this is not posed. Absolutely the sweetest! Oh how they love daddy. There was a bug.Coffee, homemade pumpkin spice waffles, apple butter…brisk fresh air…the scents of fall! Some of our Autumn reading with the kids. 

Until tomorrow,