Cracks And Clay

Day Ten.

It feels like we learned so much about this region just from going through a purchase of a house.

You could get in a real mess without knowing enough. Take for example the soil. In certain areas it expands so much that people have their driveways replaced (almost yearly in one community I read about) because of cracking and breaking. Right next to our apartments here, there is an area where the ground split and opened up, reminding me of Moses and the people who got swallowed up by the earth! We had talked to some home builders and learned how some builders take precaution because of how much the earth can swell! Or how you have to take in account the drainage of the soil. Anyway, there is no perfect house. There is always one thing or another. Great house, poor neighborhood. Great neighborhood, but house is too expensive. Great price but too much work. Etc etc..
As of now, Peter has torn off all the carpet on the main floor and has started on the linoleum. Little tedious things like taking out all the nails one by one, take up time. But tomorrow we get to spend the day together. At least we get one day, which makes two ladies happy in this place!!

Jemma is a little lady who pretends to be a baby sometimes. She’ll start crawling, saying, “baby” thinking it’s so funny. She’s an amusing one for sure!