Springtime Fun

Russian handkerchiefs and clothespins. 

The latest cutest thing: Jemma feeding Bella when they’re at the table…This was today at the market in our neighborhood. When Jemma got sick and had a fever she broke out in a really crazy rash on her back- and after a week of us taking care with not eating any sugar to aggravate it and it almost being all gone, she snuck and stuffed her mouth at someone’s house and broke out again- so I got probiotics which are amazing- it’s her special drink she takes in her tea set. Her back is pretty much clear after a couple days. 

Jemma kept asking when am I going to buy “mud.” It’s been great keeping this at the table with an assortment of things I change in and out.

Last week it was the zoo, and this week a pet store! How cool is that hummingbird. We got to watch it for quite awhile and up close! Jemma- “Look Bella, treble clef.”
Peter got me tulips that lasted so long and we used one stem to look at the parts of the flower up close. Bella is always busy. Climbing, dashing, hiding, sorting, rearranging furniture, and putting  things back. The two of them playing and pretending is quite a sight. 


Lego Lion! 

The cutest was the baby giraffe. And Bella loved the geese strolling around with their little babies. A girl and her rock collection. The newest being a pink quartz, an amethyst, and a crystal point after we had gone to some cliff dwellings in March. Jemma’s most used phrase: When I grow up…

What she will do, who she can be… it’s so fun to get a glimpse of her thoughts. 

Favorite thing that Jemma does: asks me to sleep a little with her before bed, or asking to cuddle at bedtime or early in the morning when she runs into our bed and then strokes my forehead or shoulder in her loving way. 

Favorite thing Bella does: giving daddy kisses and dancing with Jemma as soon as there’s any sign of music of any sort! 

And I just love love love how they adore Peter and look out for him, play with him, and lay on his shoulder. Melts my heart.