In The Backyard

Summer is for:

  • Home made iced tea. (Peter makes a good one.)
  • Cold brew coffee.    
  • Cold икра (a vegetable spread) on croissants, bread, crackers…with lots of garlic.
  • Watermelon. (Jemma has now tried and eats watermelon.) That means outdoor squishy, drippy, watermelon eating sessions! Because she has discovered how fun it is to squeeze the life out of anything that can be squished! 
  • Mornings at the lake. (Because the sun isn’t so bad yet and it’s not full of people at those hours!)
  • Afternoons in her kiddie pool for Jemma. (Or someone else’s pool.)  Which means I might not stay a marshmallow this year! I might be a little toasty.
  • Evenings on the back patio, after all the webs get brushed off.
  • Barefoot and in a diaper. Who needs clothes?! (Jemma, not me!) 
  • Cooling off with a witch hazel mist. (Perfect to keep cool but also for sun bathed skin. With a little bit of an aromatic oil.)
  • Lots of photos and videos, but that’s a given, all year long. 
  • And, perhaps just perhaps, weeding. 

Jemma will wake from her nap and in a bit we will go to the lake to meet a friend we haven’t seen in awhile. 

That means hair up and barefaced for me. I’ve been liking not wearing anything on my face except for lip balm. It feels fresh.

 May you be enjoying the weather. 

I am.  (Even when it rains.)