Summer’s End

It has been a bit of a different time around here and of course there’s a story for that but for now just a few photos. Baby Bella is still a snuggle cuddle bear. Fourth of July. We’ve “camped out” in the backyard before, back in Renton when Jemma was still a baby. So it was fun to do it with her being so much older and enjoying it. She ran around the fire singing, “I love you in the morning, I love you in the evening…” and watching her enjoy the fireworks was so much fun. Our neighborhood gets pretty lit up- practically “in our backyard.”Train ride with the family. A favorite: kombucha on tap called TruBucha from a local coffee shop. Our favorite flavor got discontinued but in general we like how light it is and not sweetened after the making… also reminds me of Russian kvas (the real kind). And “we” means Peter drinks it too! The best feeling. Handholding babies of mine.Just recently, at the fair in our “neighborhood” at the fairgrounds. Jemma went on some rides all by herself and that was quite a sight.Current fun artsy things: smelly gel crayons and watercolor shimmer gel crayons. These are fun books especially since food ( pretend and real) is so important around here…Another favorite: buckwheat. Over medium eggs on buckwheat. Buckwheat with a “gravy.” Buckwheat with milk and sprinkled sugar for girls. Our little acrobat. How they love music! Peter made a balance beam for Jemma. She is always “in ballet school” practicing, doing some new fancy footwork and “on stage.” Still obsessed with the Nutcracker. 

A lot in my head but not much desire to write it out… so…