My Dear Valentine

When I think of Valentine’s Day, I think of our first Valentine’s as a married couple.  When we went around Seattle. You surprised me with a cute olive colored dress from a small local boutique. I remember that huge dried flowers bouquet from the market. Dinner in Queen Anne where I had duck, and the symphony. Ah, it’s the symphony that I think of when I think of Valentine’s Day with you.  

Because I remember looking around wondering about the people around us. The elderly man alone. It made me wonder if he used to come with a sweetheart once upon a time…why was he alone? I remember thinking about the first time I came to the symphony, to a rehearsal which my piano teacher brought us to. But more than anything, when I think about it, it’s the first note that the orchestra played that I remember. In perfect unity, such harmony, so clean, so clear. I teared up. And I think, who cries to the sound of an opening note at the symphony?

 But the fact that I could go with you, that you would take me- it just makes me think how wonderful it is that I can enjoy that with you. That you would enjoy that. 

We think the same thought at the same time.

 When we text each other at the same exact moment across at the airport with the same exact thing! 

 When we share what we talked about, we realize we said the same thing to people. Then we laugh at the same time thinking the same thing- how those people must think we planned on saying it.


I think of us as an old couple one day…the couple that will hold hands and cuddle. Perhaps old, frail, but sweet and in love. I pray we are that couple after all the years…and maybe one day, when we are that old couple, we will sit together in a balcony seat, listening to the sound of the orchestra in a beautiful hall. 

We are one. 

What you feel, I feel. 

Our differences as male and female compliment each other very well. Our strength and weaknesses balance each other out. Our many similarities make it easy to go alongside each other in the same direction. We make a good team! Without you, we wouldn’t have us.

I love your soul.


Be mine.

And let me be yours.