Epitome of Love

You are the epitome of love.

You can say, “I love you.” You can buy me the gift I’ve wanted, or get me some pretty flowers. You could write me words in a card and that would make me quite happy!

The “I love you” could have just been words, like words we so commonly throw around. The gifts could have just been given and you could have said, “well I showed her I love her ’cause I gave her something,” and went along your own way…

But. You didn’t just say “I love you.” You didn’t just buy me flowers or give me gifts.

You have shown me love by the way you’ve served me and our girls (and now little boy too!) By your actions and not words alone. By your care, patience, and service to our little family.

When I was so sick I could barely budge, you took care of the girls: made meals, put them to sleep, loaded the dishwasher in the late hours…

When I cried you listened. You’ve listened to my worries, my fears, my complaints, my ideas, my thoughts…you’ve been patient in my shortcomings.

You have cooked for us, cleaned, taken care, while still working your regular day job.You even took time off to watch the girls to send me “on a getaway.”

And I’m sure there are days you are way too tired yourself, would rather go do ‘something else’ but you are always there- reading goodnight books, singing songs to the girls, taking an hour off so we can go to an appointment…

And the amazing thing is, I realized, you never grumble. You don’t complain!

To me, the way you take care of us, and show your love in Action, is the epitome of love.

By no means are we perfect human beings, neither of us, but you are perfect for me. I am ever so grateful for all; the written and the unwritten little things, for who you are, for being my husband.

Our love story started a long time ago. But not with us- with God. And I am so thankful that he opened my eyes and I saw that you were everything I’d ever wanted in a husband.

I love when you share with me. I love that we get to be witnesses of each other’s true selves. I love that you like to create. I love seeing you sway or cuddle with the girls. And as I see your love in action, I see the reaction… the time spent on the girls shows. The random bouquet of flowers makes me smile. When you stand at my side you are my comfort.

Thank you for encouraging my ideas rather than discouraging. Thank you for understanding me, all my quirks and all. Thank you for those times you just watch the kids and let me have some alone time to just think.

Thank you for being you. I love you. This is for you to sometimes be reminded even on our most tired days, in our busiest times, in the mundane and everyday life, I love you. And I am thankful for you. I don’t say it enough.

Dear Peter,

You have shown me over and over, you love me and to me, you are the epitome of love.


I love the yummy things you make! Weather it’s making cupcakes with the girls, or baking bread and making soup… or getting me the only real request for Christmas I had- Aplets and Cotlets! I like to watch you as you work and I certainly like to eat what you make;)