A Frozen Lake

It was Peter’s last day off and the beginning of the New Year, so we went on a little road trip to Evergreen. Last winter, we went before Bella was born and before Christmas. This time around, we had much less snow but enough to sled down the hills.

It so happened that skating was opening up the following day and as you can see, the lake is sectioned off into rinks. One day, Peter and I will skate here… at least we think it would be nice to.

I just love how cautious and protective Jemma is. She was worried Bella would fall so she kept her hand on her…as she always does if Bella is near an edge and Jemma gets worried for her.

Bella actually wanted to crawl around and feel the white stuff. And, it was at the end of our time there so she was already done…But she loves the sled. She loves the snow, and she loved, loved, loved crawling away on the frozen lake. (side note: I have a hard time believing the lake is frozen if there are tents pitched up and people in the middle of it. You can say I lack in faith. In Ice that is. Or just say I’m a scaredy cat. Meh.) We were at wonder at her wonder. Jemma just wanted to eat her bar, and I don’t blame her. I like food. I like to eat so I wouldn’t want to be bothered with photos either. Bella just kept feeling and then squeal out in excitement as she crawled away. We have some videos and it’s just too much!Oh it was also warm out. That was pretty helpful since we didn’t have to worry about a freeze and cold babies. 
Snowball!Oh , how Jemma loved going down the hill.  She laughed so hard she couldn’t stop! (As she puts it.)This  photos makes me kind of sad. Because Jemma is growing so fast and she won’t be fitting in it soon! She wanted to sit in it even if for a bit- to be little too… 

Here is her baked cake. On a very appropriate day, since the following day was Bella’s ten month Mini Birthday. She measured and mixed and then after, cleaned up and put everything back where she found it. Everything must be “right.”

We got this little cart for Jemma’s first birthday but by the way Bella uses it back and forth and around, I think we should have gotten it way earlier for Jemma back then. But it’s ok- I’m glad it’s gettting a good use by this babe here! She loves walking and pushing it around. We finally got our snow- in the new year. First day we woke up to the most beautiful frost covering everything, and then the slow accumulation of frozen snow as it fell throughout the two days…gently, barely there… Bella loves to stand at the window. She says “Ka,” after me when I say, “красива.” (Pretty.) We lasted less than fine minutes outside because it was freeezing! 


A few photos from when we made gingerbread people…she loves it and wants to help. Always. She had to taste everything and regretted sticking her finger in the ginger. (No, I don’t let her try anything with raw eggs or things like that.) 

Thanks to Peter for these photos on film, and some of the ones above from Evergreen.


During the time off that Peter had, he took a few days to do some baseboard and trim work. And oh, how much better it looks with that part done.

 I painted our pantry door in Annie Sloan chalk paint. It still needs to be waxed so it’s not completely finished but I like how it’s coming along. Later on, we’ll add a few dark pieces like an old black clock and some brackets for shelfs, and it’ll come together well. 

As you can see, looks shabby eh? That’s the before. The two doors, although one farther behind, still looks like you see just two doors next two each other.

During morning light^ and evening…And so a little bit from our kitchen. I like it. A few minor things still to be done and finished but it’s a working, living, and practical space. 

Our first week of 2017 has been interesting and I’m quite excited for the rest of the year. I love watching our two girls play together, grow, develop, and change. I am so, so grateful I can be there, stay with them, at home. It is truly a blessing and I want to savor this time while they are little. 
Well, thanks for scrolling through and goodnight.