‘Tis The Season…

The girls are in their rooms and for just a bit, their naps will overlap which gives me time to…

Post a blog post! 

Which is the least of importance on the ridiculously long list of things I actually need to do. But hey, that is why last night I wrote at midnight, and why I am so sporadic in writing even when I do feel like it.   

Last night I painted our step stool and the girls’ table and chairs with the leftover chalk paint we had. The red was driving me crazy and even though I don’t consider chalk paint to be a good option for a play table (markers, crayons, playdoh…) I’d rather have the pretty texture and the soft white than the overpowering red. I’ll probably distress the pencil tops and bands later. 

I’ll have to get back to the topic of this “play room.” In my mind it’s already “designed” as a formal dining…but with little ones it’s the perfect spot for a playroom! I can often see them from the kitchen, and it keeps all the children’s things contained in the designated “playroom.” 

So as to this season? 

That’s Bella in mid throw. I was thinking, maybe all that throwing was her practicing “giving” because now she hands everything to us. It’s so sweet. Bella is nine months and Jemma is one month shy of three years! They are both affectionate but it’s super sweet to see Bella show hers because baby ways are too cute. She’ll lean against or get close and “aaah” then give her baby kiss. And the baby hugs, and the ways she’ll rest her head in our shoulder. Makes me want to go cuddle her up again. (I’m finishing this up after putting Bella down for the night.) 

You can find Bella at the cart on the other side where the little can of oils are. I once gave her that container to play with to distract her and so she keeps going to it. Also- in the tightest spot to crawl through. Today she went through the crack between the crib and chair, sat around behind it, and crawled out behind the curtains on the other side. She likes to explore. Also- at the front door looking out. They were both waiting for daddy today. It’s so interesting how fast they learn what’s what and all. I see snowflakes almost.^ Lots of baking for me! There will be a time, I’m sure, when I won’t be able to eat as much of this stuff and so won’t get to make it either so for now I will enjoy! 

Jemma wouldn’t have it any other way. Ornaments we made together last year from applesauce and cinnamon that still smell good! So easy too. She wanted to be like Olivia from Olivia helps with Christmas. Mostly always together. One follows the other. They play chase and tag. I tell Bella, “go catch Jemma,” and she crawls off fast after squealing Jemma, then Jemma crawls after Bella.Reenacting The Nutcracker laying by the tree…The snowman doubles as snowballs that stick to clothes and we had fun with  that. Popsicle ballerinas, printable Mitten activity, felt tree to decorate, and little things like that… 
Little doors to open each day… one is just a picture, the other a little house with doors where we filled with treats, notes, and such…Comforting. Both get so upset if someone gets hurt. Jemma, twice in one week, ran into things and hit her head. I love watching Peter with the girls! The girls look more like him on his arms and way they adore daddy is precious. “Hello little baby bear.” She said to the not so little bear. I like our family;)Last year, Jemma was obsessed with Jingle Bells. She would run around in circles singing it jingling the bells. This year, she knows all the songs and has to remind me of the lyrics.( I know, I know…I’m pretty bad with lyrics.) So for us, all of us, it’s lots of music. Bella starts bouncing as music starts- she has wanted to dance with Jemma from her swing way early on, like, let me out I want to do that too! Jemma can retell you the story of baby Jesus like no other. She’ll tell you about Gabriel the angel, and what the wise men brought as gifts… it’s her favorite story all year long. With the opening of her little doors each day, Peter reads from the Storybook Bible and I just love that bible for kids and adults. We also have a bunch of other books by that author and they are also good! 

Anyway, the trees are pretty much twice dead, since they are dead when we get them, right? Bella has torn off ornaments with the branches still attached. She has toppled the little tree. But hey, wouldn’t you go for the sparkly thing hanging if you could? 

Bella went on her first sled ride and her first swing ride outside. Jemma reenacts The Nutcracker, Cinderella, and  the birth of Jesus. Sometimes I’m the Duke, sometimes I’m Herr Drosselmeyer, sometimes I’m the stepmother… she has me playing all the roles as she has played all the roles herself. Still always dancing. Bella is an adventurer and how could you not be when you have a big sister and all her things to see and play with. 

So that’s just a bit out of our lives at this time… as most parents know, each day is different and brings surprises sometimes.  But even in the hardest day, there is always that sweetness. 
and… A big to you!